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From creating Cradle to Cradle products that can be recycled back into themselves again and again at the end of their useful lives or using alternative fuels like yellow grease, to monitoring our transportation miles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our Green Edge Initiatives show our commitment to Sustainability™ Through Innovation in action.

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070 Tile Packaging Redesign
080 Waste Water Heat Recovery
081 Recycle Roll Wrap Plastic
082 Pallet Recycling Program
083 Primary Backing Polypropylene Waste Recycling
094 Zeftron® Nylon 6ix Again®
095 Carpet: Recycling it Today for Tomorrow
098 Recycled White Water Waste
103 Air Compressor Waste Heat Recovery
104 High Efficiency Pneumatic Nozzles
122 Zody Task Chair
124 Mulching Mowers
126 Re2E
127 Eco Impacts
132 Clear Path Recycling
Recycled White Water Waste

INITIATIVE | 098 Water is one of the earth's most precious resources... being conscious of wastefulness is everyone's responsibility.

During routine operation of Shaw's carpet backing equipment, latex accumulates on the machinery and belts. Each week the equipment is cleaned with water and maintenance performed to ensure consistent performance and quality from these machines. The waste water residual, referred to as "white waste water" due to the accumulation of small amounts of latex, cannot be processed by regular water treatment facilities. This combined solution of water and latex requires a segregated disposal as non-hazardous waste.

Knowing the special handling requirements of the refuse, and recognizing a potential for recycling the waste water, Shaw backing facilities installed basins to capture the water. The white water is kept in a holding tank and then used as a clean water substitute in the actual latex compound itself; allowing Shaw to recycle both the water and the latex raw material.

Each facility captures and recycles approximately 7,000 gallons of white water each week; 7,000 gallons is enough water for one person to shower…for an entire year.

Committed to providing innovative environmental solutions…that's the Shaw Green Edge.

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