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Shaw Recycling

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Recycle Your Home Carpet

If you're replacing the carpet in your home with Shaw carpet – or you'd like to recycle Shaw carpet from your home – please call the Shaw Green Edge® Recycling Program at 1-800-434-9887 or email us.
Recycle carpet from your business or commercial space.

If you're a Shaw commercial customer and you'd like to recycle carpet from a business or commercial space with Shaw Recycles, please call 1-800-509-7429 or email us.
85% of All Carpet Reclaimed by Shaw is Recycled Carpet to Carpet

Taking responsibility for our carpet at the end of its useful life is an essential part of our sustainability commitment. That's why we were the first flooring manufacturer in the world to create Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified carpet – carpet that can be recycled back into new carpet again and again at the end of its useful life.

And it's the reason we've established a nationwide carpet collection network with recycling centers in most major markets. Through this network, we channel used carpet through various avenues of recycling and reuse, from energy recovery to our Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility in Augusta, Georgia.

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